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NATO increasingly utilising Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Posted: 4th January 2016

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO, and more specifically its Task Force Human Factors and Medicine, has presented a report including guidelines to incorporate Complementary and Integrative Medicine into medical systems.

The reasons why this Task Force was established were, on the one hand, the increasing medical costs threatening the sustainability of military health care systems and, on the other hand, dissatisfaction with current systems and medication side-effects, as well as preferences for more natural treatments and modalities among military personnel and civilians alike.

The report concludes that “consensus is building that our current health care system is unsustainable and ineffective. Therefore, new paradigms need to be explored” and “Integrative Health and Healing (IH2) can represent the new system of care, the paradigm shift from reactive disease-based medicine to one of health-enhancing patient-centered care, from reductionism to holism.

The report has been published in a special issue of the journal “Medical Acupuncture”. All individual articles can be downloaded - free of charge - here

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